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Events and promotions

Oktoberfest will be held on 21/09/13 on 07/10/1

Beer TM Paylayner cook to order and imported from Bavaria, specially for the ...

Celebrate your birthday in the “Corvin” pub!

All friends of the Odessa “Corvin” pub can celebrate thei...



What's New menu


Торт Караиб


       C on June 1 start new business lunch

           the price of 60 USD




    Form a plateau for his friends


Торт Караиб

    Updating the pub menu «Corvin»!

        A wide range of meat dishes on the grill! you
         will appreciate our new products: a pork shank,
         calf's liver with apples and pears, baked
         duck leg with caramelized oranges.
         Now you have the opportunity to create their own beer plateau for friends!


    Updating the beer line pub

       Abbot Ale Beer is in the top 10 best ales Sales
        Scotland and one of the most popular brands in the

        In the pub «Corvin» with 7.10.13



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Duck breast

with caramelized oranges
and cranberry sauce.


Торт Караиб

Whiskey Old Pulteney

Among the best sellers in the Old Pulteney whiskey is poured specifically for the pub Corwin. Rather, there is not much whiskey!












Whiskey and...

We have chosen three main areas of whiskey combination - whiskey and cooking, whiskey and tobacco, and mixology, i.e. whiskeys and cocktails.  Сhoose what you’d like to whiskey today ...

Briefly about whiskey

Today, a man, who has more or less came in touch with the world of whiskey, knows that this word is of Celtic origin and its original name uisge beatha is translated as the water of life. You can also give a generalised definition of this drink: whiskey is a product obtained by distillation from a mash of cereal crops, among which to varying proportions is barley malt. The resulting alcohol must be aged in oak barrels. The whole process of whiskey production is defined by law of each country where the drink is produced. Also, each country has its own classification of whiskey. Information about Whisky
New items in our collections

The Corvin Club may be called a collector; this is we who have the largest collection of whiskeys in Ukraine, about 800 different instances of this divine drink.    Come any day and subscribe to SMS newsletters, to keep abreast of all on-going and new products of whiskey tasting club.  

Odessa is a bright, international and friendly city. Odessa inhabitants are proud of the South Palmyra, and the guests do not get tired of admiring it. It is not surprising the entertainment have a special place in Odessa. You can go to the beach, stroll through the beautiful streets and see the sights. Or you can spend a wonderful time in a variety of outlets.

several rooms, a Scottish pub, and, of course, a whiskey club. Here you can spend time in the company, or arrange a romantic dinner. Corvin can always surprise you.

Here you can spend time in the company, or arrange a romantic dinner. Corvin can always surprise you.

The main hall of Corvin recalls the shop for the production of whiskey, with partially removed equipment and placed furniture. From this room you can get to a summer terrace overlooking the Odessa yard on Deribasovskaya Street.

In the tasting room, decorated in the style of a library, you can appreciate all the advantages of whiskey. You always have the opportunity to stay face to face with a drink, find all the charm of its taste, and hear detailed information about the drink from the mouth of sommeliers - professionals in their field.

The Corvin pub offers its guests the program “Music Weekend” on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with appearance of the best performers in the style of blues, jazz, rock `n` roll and DJs.

The history of Corvin is known to many inhabitants and visitors of Odessa and we appreciate each our visitor. We offer the Corvin loyalty program. Every day you can get discounts on certain food and drinks. On Friday and Saturday we will surprise you with a special offer from the Chief.

In addition, our guests can use the system of gift certificates. You can select a certificate for dinner at the pub or a tasting in the whiskey room. For a special and important event, we offer services of on-site tasting.

We also invite you to visit traditional holidays, theme parties, events associated with the Celtic culture, which are held in Corvin pub in Odessa. Follow our events and we'll give you a lot of positive emotions.

“Corwin Pub: Beer & Whiskey - a strong pair.