Pub Corvin


Most commonly, when people talk about pubs, it comes to mind the adjective “Irish”. But Odessa distinguishes itself. The South Palmira offers to its citizens and guests to attend a Scottish pub. “Are there any?” –asks you. To answer this question, we will turn to history.

What is a “pub”? From English a pub is contraction of the words “Public house”, that is a public outlet. In general, the pub is a place where alcoholic beverages are sold; you can drink directly inside it.

Beer has always been the main drink in the pub. And it has been brewed using a special top fermentation at higher temperatures. This drink is called ale. It is ale which is considered in Great Britain as a beer, and familiar to us beer - lager.

So, let’s back to pubs. These locations began to emerge in the UK during the creation of the Roman road network. The outgo of Romans did not stop the development of pubs, which at that time called «alehouse» (a literal translation – “house of ale”). Such locations more and more increased in number. And by 965 their number forced King Edward to issue the decree, in accordance with which the city could not have more than one pub.

So the concept of “pub” was born in the UK. In every part of this country pubs differ, although slightly. But the long history of these locations has made them popular worldwide. So it is not surprising that there are pubs and in such a multicultural city like Odessa.

Are you interested in the difference between the Irish and the Scottish pubs in Odessa? We remind that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. But still we will try to describe to you all that you can see and try in the Corvin pub. It is mainly the history and tradition that made the pub different from the bars and other loactions in Odessa.

Our pub is decorated in the British style. We have tried to recreate the age-old classics in the heart of the city, using oak, mahogany, brass and glass for interior design. The Corvin pub recreates the atmosphere of a typical location in Edinburgh.

By the way, as you probably know the beer in Odessa is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. The Corvin pub offers not only the familiar kind of malty drink, but also a pleasant and surprising selection of the best ales in Odessa.

The pub also offers a wide selection of commercial brands of whiskey. Of course, whiskey is a traditional drink of such locations, so we offer to our guests to visit our whiskey club..

The only difference of Corvin from the pubs of the Albion is that in our pub you can taste the luxury drink in solitude, and enjoy a culinary school. And you will realise this on meeting!

Do not forget to check out the Corvin menu as well as photos from our events. We invite you to experience the atmosphere of the old Britain and have a great time!