Whisky club Corvin


Whisky is a drink of the amber colour, which is now known throughout the world. Whiskey likes real men and beautiful women. Today, this drink is particularly in vogue. The main purpose of the Corvin club is not only to introduce you to the boundless world of whiskey, but also to give a deeper know and opportunity to love this drink, as we love it! That's why we invite residents and visitors to visit the whiskey club of South Palmyra in Odessa.

The name “whiskey” has Gaelic roots: in the translation from the language of Scottish and Irish Celts uisgue beatha means “water of life”. Or, as much more familiar in Latin: “aqua vita”.

This amber drink is the main pride of our outlet. You will not find such a collection of whiskey as in our whiskey room, not only in Odessa, but also in Europe. Our collection, which includes more than 800 varieties of this drink, will give you the opportunity to try all those things which the most of the manufacturers of whiskey around the world have worked through the last few decades.

Whiskey is tasted in the room, made in the style of the library, where the shelves are not with books, but with bottles of whiskey from around the world. The main part of the collection - Scottish malt whiskey, whisky from all over distilleries of Scotland, from the distilleries that are operating or “asleep”, from the distilleries, altered into museums and restaurants, from the distilleries which are houses and supermarkets now, whiskey, which is called the king of spirits, as it has the widest palette of flavours and aromas. In Wales, Scotland nearest neighbour, they also make excellent whiskey. Our collection also has Irish malt whiskey and whiskey of Pure Pot Still category, malt whiskey from the United States, rye whiskey, distilled by traditional method from Canada, malt whiskey from all the major distilleries in Japan. We can offer malt whiskey from France and even whiskey from buckwheat. Also, malt whiskey from Austria, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Switzerland, malt whiskey from the countries such as Turkey and India, as well as malts from the distant Oceania, namely from Australia and New Zealand.

Corvin invites you to get acquainted with our collection of whiskey, which is the largest in Ukraine. Whisky tasting in Odessa will be an unforgettable event. Here everyone will find something. The taste of whiskey can be smoked and iodide, light or sweet, and like flowers. Whiskey will not leave you indifferent, and in Corvin you'll find a variety of whiskey, which will be to your taste. In addition to tasting whiskey, you can visit our restaurant and enjoy European cuisine there, or have fun by going to our pub.

We invite you to see pictures from our whiskey tasting club in Odessa.

from our whiskey tasting club in Odessa.